Ballet Costumes

In this section you'll be able to browse across our collection of tutu' and Ballet's costumes from our tailors. You can filter the research the way is more convenient for you. You can have a look at our selection of tutu for younger Ballerinas, or our products for the most traditional exhibitions or you can just purchase the beautiful skirts in tulle.

After selecting the colour and the fabric you can personalize your piece of clothing with lace, satin ribbons, edgings, trimmings, veils, inserts in fabric, over skirt (over tutu) or yoke, the possibilities are endless.

So if you think there's something in particular you'd like to see on your product, after selecting the model you prefer write any modification you'd like in the reserved section and add your prodct to the shopping basket and we will provide you with a quote. Otherwise just get in touch with us directly!

There are 222 products.

There are 222 products.

copy of Multicolour Tutulette

€40.16 (tax excl.)
6-layer rigid tulle tutulette with satin bow, composed of a first layer of a different color than the other 5 to give a shaded effect. A lightly...

copy of Leotard with long skirt

€72.22 (tax excl.)
Crewneck leotard with a long and wide skirt in chiffon. Thanks to the heigh of the skirt it fits nicely all the body shapes. Great dress for both...
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Shiny Ballet Tutu

Shiny Ballet Tutu

€27.93 (tax excl.)
Graceful dance tutu in limited series. Strapless bodysuit in laminate with a ruffle at the neck in the same fine organza fabric with...

copy of Royal Tutu

€43.98 (tax excl.)
Ballet tutu with a royal touch. Great for main roles, has a professional structure with a rigid tulle and bodice with V insert, not ideal for the...

Shiny Tutu

€53.70 (tax excl.)
Basic design to contain the costs, the bodice has slim straps, skirt made of 6 layers of rigid tulle. The over skirt can be ordered in three...

Ballet leotard with print

€33.55 (tax excl.)
Dance leotard made with printed fabric. Please discuss with us what would you like to see printed on your leotards and let us support you through...

Customisable leotard kids

€30.50 (tax excl.)
Dance leotard in printed fabric for kids. The design is simple to bring more attention to the pattern that you require on this leotard. Contact us...

Burlesque Costume

€119.27 (tax excl.)
Burlesque costume ideal for plays like the "Mouline Rouge" and the Can Can. Leotard in Lycra with straps and cleavege covered in matching lace....

Flamenco Dress

€151.20 (tax excl.)
Flamenco dress with the traditional long sleeves top and voilants at the wrists. round neckline with a long flounce. Flounced skirt and ribbons in...

Moulin Rouge Dress

€76.86 (tax excl.)
Costume ideal for the Moulin rouge inspired dances, can also be used for Spanish and Can can dances

Americana tutu kids

€63.44 (tax excl.)
Modern dance costume ideal for plays set in America. Also available for adults

Snow white costume

€154.94 (tax excl.)
Modern dance and musicals costume for the fairy tale " Snow white"
Tutu degas
This is probably the most famous of all tutus, originally called romantic tutu, his modern name is inspired by Degas...
kids Tutu
Tutu specifically designed for kids, they generally have small details to provide great look to these simple...
The tutullette is the skirt, not attached to the whole dress, hold on by either panties or an elastic band, to make...
Repertoire Costumes
Following in this section you will find the most used costumes for traditional Ballets such as La Carmen, Il Lago...
Low Price Tutus
In this page you will find all the basic versions of our collection. The low price is due to it's simplicity, the...
Professional Tutus
By definition the professional ones are the ones made with 8 layers on the skirt and a circumference of 35/40 cm....