Tutu degas

This is probably the most famous of all tutus, originally called romantic tutu, his modern name is inspired by...

kids Tutu

Tutu specifically designed for kids, they generally have small details to provide great look to these simple...


The tutullette is the skirt, not attached to the whole dress, hold on by either panties or an elastic band, to make...

Repertoire Costumes

Following in this section you will find the most used costumes for traditional Ballets such as La Carmen, Il Lago...

Low Price Tutus

In this page you will find all the basic versions of our collection. The low price is due to it's simplicity, the...

Professional Tutus

By definition the professional ones are the ones made with 8 layers on the skirt and a circumference of 35/40 cm....

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Shiny Tutu

Price €38.70 + IVA
Basic design to contain the costs, the bodice has slim straps, skirt made of 6 layers of rigid tulle. The over skirt can be ordered in three different colours . Great for all ages and in particular the younger dancers. "Fabric colour" eill let you choose the colour for what in picture is pink, "skirt colour" to change the layers of the tulle "Second colour" the overskirt.


Price €84.46 + IVA
Professional mode of tutu with leotard with straps, V insert edged by golden paillettes up to the neckline. The plate of the corolla is in rigid tulle and surrounded by lace. The over skirt has a flower shape, that can be changed to change the style of the tutu. "Fabric colour" defines the colour of the bodice and the skirt. Overskirt, lace and paillettes will remain of the same colour as in picture. For more customisations please contact us

Pink and black tutu

Price €58.41 + IVA
Extremely detailed tutu. Top in elastic net with edges, central band in lycra with paillettes. A lower waistband close to the skirt ends on the back with a satin ribbon. Chromatic alternations across the whole dress "Fabric colour" will let you change what in photo is pink "skirt colour" changes the colour of what in picture is black. If you require more customisations please get in touch with us

Professional tutu

Price €81.87 + IVA
PRofessiona tutu with great attention to all the details and also available in a cheaper variant (ask us if you want more info). The zig zag cut on the skirt plate enriches the skirt covered of laminated fabric petals. The vertical cuts on the bodice and the flowers make this piece of clothing ideal to represent the Spring. The flowers may be slightly different from the ones in the picture, the colours changes alongside the colour of the leotard selecting "Fabric Colour"

Colourful tutullette

Price €31.66 + IVA
Colorful tutulette great for many joyful contexts. Simple but of great effect. Comes with an elastic bodice, customisable in colour and texture via the section "Primary leotard part". The colour of the tulle remains the same unless specifically requested


Price €66.60 + IVA
Ballet tutu rich of details, the over skirt is decorated and cut as two half moon edged with paillettes. The bodice is customisable in over 60 colours between lycra and velvet, it presents an insert framed by pailletted and lace with puff sleeves

Royal Tutu

Price €83.89 + IVA
Ballet tutu with a royal touch. Great for main roles, has a professional structure with a rigid tulle and bodice with V insert, not ideal for the younger dancers. The golden trimmings and rounded yoke to finish with an elegant touch

North star tutu

Price €50.20 + IVA
Tutu of great scenic effect in laminated fabrics (colours folder in our catalogue under brilliant lycra). Classic straps neckline and 6 layers of rigid tulle. 4 points of the fabric as the leotard, paillettes around the neckline and on the petals.

Starfish tutu

Price €44.98 + IVA
Tutu made of 6 layers of veil in rigid tulle with an over skirt that represent a starfish. Great for all ages from the 3-4 years old. Changing fabrics and colours you can give it hundreds of contexts for example in JD372 it represents the north star.

Flag Tutu

Price €122.95 + IVA
This model in particular was designed to represent the France flag but can easily changed with different colours. Ribbons going around the bodice and all the details in lace make this tutu a true masterpiece

"pierrot" tutu

Price €71.62 + IVA
Very elaborate tutu, the body vertically split by bottons in contrast to highlight the 3 areas that can be customised in colours. The lace edges the neckline, the skirt plate is in rigid tulle and decorated with paillettes on the edges and 5 petals of chiffon

"colombina" tutu

Price €71.25 + IVA
precious tutu with great attention to the details, in this variant great to portray little doves but changing colours can be used for many purposes. The overskirt covers most of the skirt plate, with black paillettes for a strong colour contrast versus the white colour of the dress. The sleeves are in lace

Degas tutu Merletto

Price €50.11 + IVA
Degas tutu with a 3/4 skirt, the tulle has a straight cut and layered in colours to give a shaded effect. The bodice has a traditional cup design on the front while the back and the sleeves are in bi-elastic lace (naked colour). The inside of the tutu is lined

"Glamour" Leotard

Price €32.79 + IVA
Leotard part of the "glamour" line by Joy Danza, graceful and eclectic. Great for both classes and exhibitions, can be selected in 31 colours with a waved cut above the chest with a fine effect. The top part enriched with elastic lace and a short sleeve. the cut on the back to highlight the shoulders. "Fabric colour" to select the colour of the bodice (black in picture) "Second colour" to select the colour of the lace "Third colour" to change the top (green in picture)

Purple tutu

Price €56.35 + IVA
Tutu with cleaveage without straps, with a beautiful rouche matching the first layer of the tulle. The corolla is designed to resemble the petals of a flower to create more dynamism. The ribbon can be made in a different colour or simply removed

Ballet Costumes

In this section you'll be able to browse across our collection of tutu' and Ballet's costumes from our tailors. You can filter the research the way is more convenient for you. You can have a look at our selection of tutu for younger Ballerinas, or our products for the most traditional exhibitions or you can just purchase the beautiful skirts in tulle.

After selecting the colour and the fabric you can personalize your piece of clothing with lace, satin ribbons, edgings, trimmings, veils, inserts in fabric, over skirt (over tutu) or yoke, the possibilities are endless.

So if you think there's something in particular you'd like to see on your product, after selecting the model you prefer write any modification you'd like in the reserved section and add your prodct to the shopping basket and we will provide you with a quote. Otherwise just get in touch with us directly!

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