The brand Joy Danza was bor in 2012 with a background that goes back to over 20 years before. The idea is based on the attention to the customers need and the love for what we do giving life to our brand and our mission to provide great QUALITY for a REASONABLE PRICE providing the best ASSISTANCE possible.

Giving up to expensive flashy packagings, distributors, printed catalogues, showroom appearences across europe and more it means that we can drastically cut the cost of production of our products and investing the money into better quality materials. As mentioned several times already the attention to the customers is part of our mission, that's why it is very easy to get in touch with us and find out the best way to customise your piece of clothing.

We offer over 700 combinations with customisable parts, additions, removing or adding a skirt, a bodice. Each piece can be modified with a different fabric or colour and all our clothes comes in 12 sizes and all the sizes can be modified in smaller details, almost like it was tailor-made. All the dancewear is designed with the support of teachers, choreographs and specialists and we are happy to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate and help us giving you a better result!

During the process of customisation, very often our customers surprised us with such great ideas that we than decided to introduce to our constantly evolving catalogue. The fabrics and materials are carefully selected to surprise you for the look and the quality at the touch. We can guarantee you that after your first order you will become one of our loyal customers.

The ones above are just few of the reasons why we think we are going to make you very happy.

Joy Danza is a trade mark.