The following terms of sale regulate the sale of good from All the contracts of sales through and that follow the procedures indicated between seller and customer, will be regulated according to the General terms.

Way of purchase
The customer can purchase the products present in the e-catalogue of Joy Danza at the time of the order filling the downloadable for at

The info relative to the products, in the website are relative to the colours and details of the manufacturers of fabrics and decorations. For this reason some products may not be available all the time.Joy Danza selected the fabrics, colours, elastic bands, straps and decoration to ensure the continuity of production wherever possible.

We will confirm an order via e-mail to the email address you provided us. The email will include the order number to keep safe and to use for any future communication regarding that specific order and it has to be used as part of the description in the notes of the payment to be made within 5 working days from receiving the confirmation email. If you don't receive a confirmation email or if the payment hasn't come through within the 5 days the order has to be considered void.

Billing information
The billing information: Name, Surname, address, VAT must match the name of the person paying . JoyDanza iis not responsible if these details don't match.

Confirmed orders
Sometimes we may not be able to accept an order. Mostly this is due to the fact that we can't deliver the order within the timeframe requested . The production times can change drastically depending on the time of the year. The production line is based on the date of the payment received, an order is considered confirmed when all the billing information, the specific of the models, quantities, colours and sizes have been confirmed and only when the payment has been received. If something of the above is missing the order is not considered confirmed. We will make sure to contact you in case something is missing. All the prices on the website are to be considered with VAT included. Joy Danza has the right to change the prices anytime without notice.

In the busier times some fabrics may not be available. It's our interest to limit this lack of materials whenever possible but sometimes we can't prevent it. Joy Danza will make sure to get in touch with any customer that may be affected by this and see if there are alternatives otherwise providing a full refund to the customer for the products affected.

Delivery times
We aim to send out all the available products within 48h from the payment.
The time for the customised product changes depending on the modifications required and the time of the year, they will be communicated at the time of the order. Combining two or more orders we aim to deliver when the last one is ready to let you save money on the extra delivery.
The delivery will happen within the times agreed at the time of the order.

Customised orders with sizes
For all the orders with customisations on either the product or the sizes we require a 50% deposit. The order will be initiated after receving the deposit.

Some of the decorations (like flowers on the costumes) may vary slightly compared to the ones seen in pictures due to the availability. The pictures on the website are as realistic as possible, please make sure to turn off any setting on your monitor that could alterate the real colors.The colours that are not specified at the time of the order are going to be made with the best combination possible and these product cant be refunded unless they have been produced in different colours from the ones confirmed via email.

Please make sure are noted on the payment note the number of the order, first and last name of the person ordering;

The payment generally goes through immediately but it may take up to 3 days. The order is considered confirmed on the day the money are showing on the account.

After 6 days from the order confirmation if no payment came through we will take the freedom to cancel the order and inform the customer. We are not responsible of any delay with the postal service and the customer should make sure to provide an address where the item can be delivered and someone is available to sign for it. The responsibility from JoyDanza ends when the package is collected and signed for.

Withdrawal rights for products pre made
1) The right to return the product has to follow the D.lgs n185 from the 22/05/199.

2) It has to happen within 10 days from receiving the product and the costumer has to contact our customer service team and get confirmation before sending the product back.

3) The customer will receive the refund minus all the shipping expenses within 10 days from sending the order back, giving our team the time to inspect the product and its integrity.

4) The refund will happen with the same method the original payment happened.

5) The refund will be provided only if the products are still brand new and sealed.