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Degas tutu Merletto

Price €50.11 + IVA
Degas tutu with a 3/4 skirt, the tulle has a straight cut and layered in colours to give a shaded effect. The bodice has a traditional cup design on the front while the back and the sleeves are in bi-elastic lace (naked colour). The inside of the tutu is lined

Long skirt tutu

Price €56.35 + IVA
Long degas tutu ideal for ballet. The long skirt is in soft tulle and presents a overskirt in chiffon with 4 ribbons. The leotard in lycra presents a pattern on the neckline. The flower in the hair present in picture is not included in price

Tutu in lace

Price €69.57 + IVA
Degas tutu with Basque sleeve in lace. The particular bodice has a squared back cleaveage whith a V cut on the front. "Leotard Colour" to change the colour of the boidce " Skirt colour" to change the skirt and "Decorations" to change the colour of the details on the sleeves.

Degas tutu with decorated tulle

Price €60.35 + IVA
Short Degas tutu with a bell shaped skirt decorated on the first layer and on the bodice. The decorations on the rouche may change in colours and patterns, please get in touch with us for more details. "Skirt colour" to change the layers of the skirt "Decorations"to change the colour of the rouche and the overskirt.

Farmer Costume

Price €67.52 + IVA
Degas tutu designed to represent farmers, laundresses and paesants. This set has a 4 layers skirt with yoe and laced apron. The bodice is in two colours with horizontal cuts, satin ribbons on the chest and on top of the puffed sleeves. Finished in lacework. "Leotard colour" to change the top part of the sleeves (Avory in picutre) "Second colour" to change the bottom part of the leotard and the satin ribbons (orange in picture) "Skirt colour" to change the overskirt (we reccomend a dark tone as it may be slightly transparent)."Second skirt colour" to customise the colour of the tulle layers. The apron will be white unless you don't specifically request it in a different colour.

Neapolitan Tarantella Tutu

Price €71.62 + IVA
The Neapolitan Tarantella tutu is designed for popular dance themed acts. Ideal for the over 10years old. "Leotard colour"to change the colour of the corset, "Skirt colour" to change the first and third layer of the tulle (white in picture) "Second skirt colour" to change the second and fourth layer of the tulle (red in picture). "Decoration" will change the colour of the ribbons and the clasps on the top part (red in picture). If you need more alterations please get in touch with one of our team member and we will be happy to support.

Soft Skirt Tutu

Price €43.55 + IVA
Style similar to the Degas, this tutu is slightly shorter. The short skirt has 5 layers of tulle, sitting above the knees. The leotard has slim straps and has side carvings to make the top tightened. A roundnecked contourned rouche with matching lace. Simple and elegant this is one of the most versatile models in our catalogue. "Decorations" to change the colour of the inserts around the rouche.

Degas La Carmen Tutu

Price €69.57 + IVA
Degas Tutu with fading tulle perfect for the representation of "La Carmen". The cleavage is enriched with lacework and the straps are naked colour, the skirt is made of four layers with alterning colours to emphasise the fading and transparent effect. The corset has a vertical cut on the back and the buttons are matching the colour of the opposite side. "Leotard Colour" to select the colour of the top (red in the picture) "Leotard Second colour" to modify the black part. "skirt colour" to change the 1st, 3rd and 5th layer of the skirt. "Second skirt colour" for the 2nd,4th and 6th. "Decorations" to change the color of the lacework around the cleavage

Romantic Degas Tutu

Price €71.62 + IVA
Degas Dance Tutu faded in 6 layers of soft tulle. "fake" interwaveing of strings, fading skirt thanks to the different colours of the layers. Leotard with slim straps, lacework around the neckline, togheter with the interwined strings makes it the ideal tutu for paesants roles. "Skirt colour" to choose the 1st, 3rd and 5th layer. "Second Skirt colour" the 2nd, 4th and 6th. "Decorations" to change the colour of the neckline lacework.

Degas Tutu with fading

Price €76.75 + IVA
Degas tutu with a 6 layers skirt made of alternate tulle to give it a fading effect. Traditional structure with long skirt ideal for Ballet, the leotard has a "fake" corset matching the colour of the first layer of the skirt (as seen in picture). The lacework has a matching colour with the front and back neckline. The skirt alternates three different colours across the 6 layers to emphasie the fading effect. Depending on the colour selection the tutu is ideal for both Ballet and repertoire dances giving it a touch of originality over the more traditional costumes. The corset can be enriched with inserts in velvet or flocked fabrics (requiring an additional cost)."Leotard colour" personalise the tp. "Second colour" to change the bottom of the leotard. "Skirt Colour" changes the colour of the 1st and 4th later. " second skirt colour" to select the 2nd and 5th. "Third Skirt Colour" to modify the 3rd and 6th layer. "Decorations" to define the colour of the lacework.

Tutu degas

This is probably the most famous of all tutus, originally called romantic tutu, his modern name is inspired by Degas himself, the painter in love with the Ballerinas, obsessively painted in many of his works.

Packaged with a soft tulle, “loose”, with different lengs: to the knee or to the ankle. Many Ballets are still staged with this version of the tutu. Nowadays is often made with a skirt made of layers in different colours.

Same for the bodice, it can either be classic and plain or made of twists, applications, crochets or more evident stitching . In this section you will find our collection, keeping in mind you can still modify to your preferences!

Tutu Degas

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