Tutu degas

This is probably the most famous of all tutus, originally called romantic tutu, his modern name is inspired by Degas himself, the painter in love with the Ballerinas, obsessively painted in many of his works.

Packaged with a soft tulle, “loose”, with different lengs: to the knee or to the ankle. Many Ballets are still staged with this version of the tutu. Nowadays is often made with a skirt made of layers in different colours.

Same for the bodice, it can either be classic and plain or made of twists, applications, crochets or more evident stitching . In this section you will find our collection, keeping in mind you can still modify to your preferences!

There are 25 products.

There are 25 products.

"Edgar" tutu

€61.00 (tax excl.)
Classic Degas tutu, available in ivory or white, wide waistband with ribbon on the back. The length of the skirt is based on the size, if you need...

Degas tutu Merletto

€65.00 (tax excl.)
Degas tutu with a 3/4 skirt, the tulle has a straight cut and layered in colours to give a shaded effect. The bodice has a traditional cup design...

Degas with petals tutu

€85.16 (tax excl.)
Ballet degas tutu with a very unique design on the leotard made of inserts and paillettes. The long skirt is in soft tulle and decorated around the...

Long skirt tutu

€67.10 (tax excl.)
Long degas tutu ideal for ballet. The long skirt is in soft tulle and presents a overskirt in chiffon with 4 ribbons. The leotard in lycra...

Romantic Tutulette

€53.68 (tax excl.)
Classic Romantic Tutu great for many repertoire ballets. The leotard has slim straps with vertical stitchings. The skirt in soft tulle presents 6...

Don Quixote Tutu

€90.27 (tax excl.)
Tutu ideal to represent the Don Quixote or any other "Iberic" play

Neapolitan Tarantella Tutu

€68.32 (tax excl.)
Neapolitan Tarantella Degas Tutu with long skirt. The combinations of colours can be changed "Leotard colour" to change the bodice part "Second...

Tutu in lace

€96.52 (tax excl.)
Degas tutu with Basque sleeve in lace. The particular bodice has a squared back cleaveage whith a V cut on the front. "Leotard Colour" to change...

Farmer Costume

€105.06 (tax excl.)
Degas Ballet tutu designed to portray farmers and rustic locations

PAesant Tutu

€107.90 (tax excl.)
Degas tutu designed to portray the paesants.

Ballet tutu

€105.06 (tax excl.)
Ballet tutu with decorations

Degas tutu with decorated tulle

€79.30 (tax excl.)
Short Degas tutu with a bell shaped skirt decorated on the first layer and on the bodice. The decorations on the rouche may change in colours and...