Musical and modern dance costumes

We selected the best costumes for Modern Dance and musicals : from Dirty Dancing and Grease, through White Snow, everything can be personalized with less traditional colours under request. Without changing the main design of the costumes, a lot of applications and insertions can be added to make your costume unique and different from the others. Please make sure to get in touch with us before placing an order for this specific products as due to commercial reasons, the makers of the textiles may discontinue the specific texture then we will only be able to rely on our stock.

There are 170 products.

There are 170 products.

copy of Leotard with long skirt

€72.22 (tax excl.)
Crewneck leotard with a long and wide skirt in chiffon. Thanks to the heigh of the skirt it fits nicely all the body shapes. Great dress for both...

Skating Dress

€43.33 (tax excl.)
Dress for skating apparently composed of a solid color lycra joined only by a flap of fabric to the skirt. The asymmetries and games of...

Glitter Mesh Top & Leggings - Dancewear

€63.80 (tax excl.)
Patterned mesh top and leggings with LYCRA inserts. It lends itself to modern and contemporary dance performances for electric or infernal...

Top and Leggings with inserts

€44.54 (tax excl.)
Modern dance outfit consisting of top and leggings with contrasting inserts. "Fabric Color" customize the part in nude color photo "Second...

Glitter Mesh Tunic

€50.55 (tax excl.)
Tunic for contemporary and modern dance essays. Composed of short tunic in patterned mesh, top and matching shorts in solid color lycra. For a...

Leggings with Inserts

€32.50 (tax excl.)
Modern dance leggings with a particular design inserted in two colors of your choice to customize it according to your tastes or the club colors....

Dance outfit with Lurex inserts

€57.66 (tax excl.)
The combination of top and leggings with shiny lycra inserts make this costume suitable for any type of modern and contemporary dance show....

Modern Dance Essay Costume

€50.55 (tax excl.)
Top and shorts set for modern and contemporary dance, consisting of a long-sleeved top with mesh insert and zip closure. In the photo the dancer...

High Neck Modern Dance Leotard

€30.50 (tax excl.)
Half-sleeved dance leotard with deep neckline on the back and mesh inserts, similar to the BJ100 but with the classic leotard cut. Depending on...

Leotard with Mesh Inserts and Belen

€46.36 (tax excl.)
High neck dance body, embellished with mesh inserts and flocked fabric. The play of solid black, mesh and flocked colors make it suitable also for...

Nude Contemporary Dance Leotard

€36.60 (tax excl.)
Dance leotard particularly suitable for contemporary dance. with American neckline and patterned mesh insert on the back. Sleeveless. Designed...

Bright Silver Leotard

€24.28 (tax excl.)
Dance Leotard with shiny laminate top and American neckline. The pointed stitching, between laminate and opaque lycra (or cotton), streamlines and...