The tutullette is the skirt, not attached to the whole dress, hold on by either panties or an elastic band, to make sure it adheres to the body. Considered as a cheap version of a Tutu', they find a big use outside the Dance environment as they are easy to adapt for different purposes.

We make two versions of tutullets, the basic one that is very affordable and the professional ones that follow the same process of production of the Tutu

There are 10 products.

There are 10 products.

copy of Multicolour Tutulette

€40.16 (tax excl.)
6-layer rigid tulle tutulette with satin bow, composed of a first layer of a different color than the other 5 to give a shaded effect. A lightly...

Colourful tutullette

€43.92 (tax excl.)
Colorful tutulette great for many joyful contexts. Simple but of great effect. Comes with an elastic bodice, customisable in colour and texture via...

Skirt "Tarantella"

€46.83 (tax excl.)
Skirt with a folk accent made of 6 layers of rigid tulle and ribbons in satin. Customisable colours

Fluorescent Tutu

€52.46 (tax excl.)
Modern outfit in fluorescent colours, top with neck fastening and cut off sleeves matching the tulle. Briefs incorporated to the skirt, three...

Ballet skirt in tulle

€53.68 (tax excl.)
Ballet skirt in tulle, made of 7 layers of rigid tulle hand quilted

Multicolour Tutulette

€32.94 (tax excl.)
Multicolour Tutulette made of 6 layers of rigid tulle. Simple and economic this piece can be easily customized. "Fabric colour" to change the...

Romantic Tutulette

€43.92 (tax excl.)
Romantic tutulette goes down to the ankles with 6 layers of soft tulle.

Skate Dance skirt

€41.48 (tax excl.)
skirt dance in tulle also great for skating dance