Change accent to a tutu in few steps
With very little effort and a minor extra cost you can cover the skirt of a tutu and make it a completely different dance costume! In the video you can see an example with a yellow leotarda and a white skirt on top of wich is attached an Harlequin fabric. You will only have to choose the right fabric for you and send us the measurments of the desired skirt size.

How to break the curl in a costume
Sometimes the dance costumes may look too tight but it may not be the case! It may be that the curl didn't break completely. Follow the steps in this video to find out how to do it by yourself.

Cutting the fabric for a costume.
The video shows one of the phases of our tailoring production of a tutu. The cut of the fabric is one of the first steps to make a beautiful customised piece of dancewear.

Production of a Tutu- final stage  
Shart extract from our production, this shows the final stage of the manufacture of a tutu that includes finishing, cleaning and packing.