This section is dedicated to the dance menswear, designed for both classes and recitals. The menswear can be customised without changing the paper pattern like adding longer sleeves, legs and feet covers, change the fabrics or the colours.

In some exceptional circumstances we may be able to change the size of the neckline or add accessories like a gilet, buttons, frogs etc. to make it work better in a specific dance context.

There are 13 products.

There are 13 products.


€23.84 (tax excl.)
Professional jockstrap for men, provides great comfort, elasticity and support. Available in black and naked.

Dance T-shirt men

€21.35 (tax excl.)
Versatile adherent t-shirt made of lycra or cotton and available in all our colours. Provides great comfrot and it's great for dance, gymnastics...

Leggings men

€28.79 (tax excl.)
Dance leggings for men, with feet cover, made of high quality lycra. the waist can be made up to 10cm higher upon request. The colours can be...

Academic unitard men

€43.92 (tax excl.)
Academic unitard for men, with a great fitting for all sizes and providing top comfort. available in 27 different colours of antiallergic lycra and...

Ballet leotard men

€40.26 (tax excl.)
Academic ballet unitard for men made in bielastic lycra, great for classes and plays. Short sleeved, it covers the feet of the dancer. "Fabrci...

Leotard men

€24.77 (tax excl.)
DAnce leotard for men with boat neckline, half sleeves and shorts. designed for both exhibitions and classes, can be made of cotton or lycra and it...

Bi-colour Academic unitard men

€37.82 (tax excl.)
Academic bicolor unitard for men in lycra and stitching under the chest. Crew neck and zip fastening on the back. Tailor made can be customised in...

Academic ballet unitard men

€37.70 (tax excl.)
Evergreen design of academic unitard for men. Deep v neck and wide straps, leaving the back open to highlight the grace of the movements. Available...

Dance shorts men

€14.22 (tax excl.)
High quality shorts for men made in Lycra, great for ballet, modern and contemporary dance. Adherence and stability is guaranteed in both training...

Dance vest men

€21.33 (tax excl.)
Dance vest classic cut. Simple, traditional and versatile can be made in many colours and fabrics. Great for both daily classes and exhibitions

Leotard with shorts Men

€26.31 (tax excl.)
Leotard with shorts for men. Provides great comfort and stability in the movements. The top ends with straps between shoulders to support the...