Fabrics and colours

The widest catalogue of fabrics to customise our dance wear. The list is constantly updated and is divided in two main sub-categories:

- Elastic Fabrics: ideal for Leotards, bodice, Unitards and all the articles that require elasticity.
- Rigid Fabrics: fabrics that can't provide extension mostly used to create over skirt.

Moving the mouse over the pictures of the fabrics you can see how they can be used.

Feel free to contact us to get the best support possible in selecting the right fabric for your dance wear, sometimes we may also be able to offer you alternatives that are not on our catalogue yet!

For the monochrome articles we always recommend to start from the OPAQUE LYCRA and then match the other fabrics. Depending on the fabric you'll pick, each piece of clothing will have a completely different look

There are 102 products.

There are 102 products.

Shiny Baroque

Bi-elastic fabric with shiny Baroque pattern in silver on a black or green background. Great for ballet and moder dance.

Floreal Fabric

Bi-elastic fabric with a flower pattern available in two variants. Great for ballet and modern dance for dresses and skirts

Baroque fabric

Lycra fabric with Baroque patterns, bi-elastic and great to create full leotards and all the dance clothing in our catalogue

"Street" Lycra

Elastic fabric with a "Street" accent, available in two variants black on white and viceversa. Great to create leotards, skirts and half skirts

"Samba" Lycra

Lycra with a shiny effect, elastic and non transparent, can be made in 5 different colours and it's very useful to create bodices a shiny effect...

Bohemia Net

Net that can only be used to cover small elastic portions like inserts and sleeves or short skirts, soft but not very elastic, is transparent and...

Glittered net "Pandora"

Elastic sequin net, soft and resistent, great for inserts where the trasnparency is not a problem

Soft sequiend fabric

Soft non elasticfabric covered in paillettes, available in numerous colors, can only be used to create sleeves, skirts and decorations

Rigid Sequined fabric

Rigid fabric completely covered in paillettes great for skirts. Great for modern dance

Flash fabric

Lycra fabric with an amazing scenic effect, the base is shaded and has a silver glittered texture on top

Dripping elastic net

Particular elastic net with three basic variants. The effect is created with gold laminated drops

glittered graffiti drops

Another design, this time it resembles tear drops with the graffiti pattern, again available both in net and lycra. Check the pictures in this page...
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