Show and performance Accessories

Following all the accessories fundamental to make your show remarkable: hair accessories, crowns (like the ones for the famous Lago dei cigni) tiaras and diadems for the main characters, All the accessories are 100% hand made, so the quality is guaranteed.

There are 27 products.

Ci sono 27 prodotti

Dance socks

€6.21 (tax excl.)
Dace socks made in microfiber. Great for Rad and modern dance, the naked colour variant is available for delivery

Convertible tights 40 Den

€8.69 (tax excl.)
Convertible dance tights in microfiber 40Den. Guaranteed durability and confort. The waistband is designed to provide great adherence.Available in...

Convertible tights Gaia

€10.01 (tax excl.)
Convertible dance tights in luxury microfiber 60Den. Great value due to the resistange, support and extra comfort they provide. Available in pink...

Recital skirt

€24.28 (tax excl.)
Simple skirt ideal for modern dance recitlas, available in hundred different colours and fabrics, in shiny lycras, super shinty or modern patterns

Rad Skirt

€63.87 (tax excl.)
Full skirt "Rad", with wide layered elastic band on the waist for added stability, in lycra or bielastic cotton. Comes with 3 satin ribbons in...

Ballet chiffon skirt

€24.03 (tax excl.)
Half circle chiffon skirt with fastening in satin for great fitting around the waist. Upon request can be stitched on the dresses present in our...

Basic dance tights

€6.10 (tax excl.)
Basic dance tights. Snag resistant, the tights provide great comfort and softness. Available to ship in Pink from size 000 to XL. Can be ordered...

Elastic net gloves

€13.42 (tax excl.)
Elastic net gloves, semitransparent, they are also available in elastic lace. Great accessory to match many costumes, can be made in all the...

White flowers Tiara

€18.19 (tax excl.)
Delicate Tiara with white flowers great to be matched with ballet dresses that represent ehtereal figures. Available in more colours, it requires a...

Swan Lake tiara

€75.82 (tax excl.)
Tiara to represent the "lake of swan". Also available in black with red details, can be made in different colours under request

Egyptian Hair piece

€28.80 (tax excl.)
Hair piece completely hand made and ideal for roles that involves characthers like ancient Egyptians. Colours can be customised

Ballet Hari piece

€27.29 (tax excl.)
Ballet hair piece ideal for many repertoire dances. Available in Gold, red and silver