Academic unitards are very often used for both regular classes and exhibitions especially in modern dance. The one specifically made for Contemporary Dance tend to be slightly more “flashy” with very showy patterns, few layers or insertions compared to the regular Academic unitards for modern dance, that are more Basic, perfect to focus on the shapes and movement of the dance itself.

In this section you will find our selection of Academic unitards. All the articles, as usual, can be personalized with a big selection of colours and textures. The ones you see in the pictures are just few of the examples of what we can create!

There are 71 products.

There are 71 products.

Dance Suit with Cuts

€54.17 (tax excl.)
Full suit for modern and contemporary dance with long cuts on the outer sides that leave the legs bare in the movements. Very soft fit gathered...

Modern Contemporary Dance Suit

€60.00 (tax excl.)
Academic overalls with colored inserts and flocked fabric insert on the bust. The back neckline featuring a keyhole closure has a cut out on the...

Aerial Fabric Dance Suit

€51.24 (tax excl.)
Academic suit with sleeves and mesh inserts along the legs. Depending on the color it can lend itself to the most varied disciplines, from...

Flocked Shoulder Dance Suit

€52.46 (tax excl.)
Academic suit for classical and modern dance with sleeves in patterned fabric which, due to an optical effect, given by the flesh-colored mesh...

Jumpsuit with Transparent Glitter Side

€67.10 (tax excl.)
Academic dance suit divided vertically to three quarters, between lycra and glitter micromesh. Plays of transparencies and asymmetries also given...

Faux Shorts Dance Suit

€57.66 (tax excl.)
Academic overalls with a very original style, the nude-colored elastic micro-mesh creates a shorts bodice effect. The stripes on the arms and legs...

Glitter Net Jumpsuit

€62.59 (tax excl.)
Academic overalls with lycra top and culottes in contrast with the fine micromesh, with glitter designs in silver or in other variants of your...

Show Dance Suit

€57.34 (tax excl.)
This model of academic suit has been designed almost completely in semi-transparent micromesh with silver glitter graffiti to make it a...

One Shoulder and One Leg Dance Suit

€71.98 (tax excl.)
Dance suit with one sleeve and one long leg. Games of transparency and patterns between inserts and asymmetries make this academic suit perfect...

Two-Tone Dance Suit

€45.14 (tax excl.)
Long-sleeved academic suit that features an original back neckline. For the studio, it is best suited by personalizing different shades of the...

Elegant Academic Suit

€51.24 (tax excl.)
Elegant and refined academic suit suitable for multiple shows. The peculiarity of this suit is also in the deep V-shaped back neckline held...