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Customisable print unitard

Price €42.78 + IVA
Customisable unitard great for contemporary dance and musicals, depending on the patterns. "Fabric colour" we will contact you via whatsapp or email to discuss what print you'd like to see on the unitard " Second colour" to change the lower part of the unitard and the neckline. minimum order 10 pieces

customisable print Leotard with shorts

Price €28.75 + IVA
Leotard with shorts, designed in two sections, the top has a high neck, sleeveless and tear drop fastening on the back. You can customise the design of the top sending us the print you'd like to see on this beautiful outfit. Minimum order 10 pieces "Fabric colour" we will contact you on whatsapp do discuss it "Second colour" to change the colour of the neck and the lower part of the leotard

Contemporary dance unitard

Price €46.26 + IVA
Contemporary dance unitard with three bands of fabrics connecting the right and left arm for great choreographies of contemporary dance. Crewneck designed with a side uncovered to create smooth asymmetires. Can be made in 31 colours. Get in touch with us if you'd like to change the fabric too.

Training Unitard

Price €39.69 + IVA
The most versatile unitard from our catalogue. Great for both studio or training outdoor but also as uniform for modern jazz dance or a modern dance exhibtion. The top comes with crossin straps on the front that goes around the neck, a frontal insert to match the colour of the back band. The leggings are high waist to guarantee the best adherence and stability. "fabric colour to change the top of the unitard "Second colour" the bottom part

Two pieces modern dance

Price €35.71 + IVA
Academic two pieces outfit with a top slightly longer than usual with long sleeves and leggings adjustable on the waist. available in over 40 colours or upon request with over 100 patterned fabrics. The top and the leggings can be ordered in different colours. "Fabric colour" to pick the top of the outfit "Second colour" for the bottom part

Hooded Unitard

Price €48.65 + IVA
Hooded unitard made of two fabrics to create great scenic effects. Fully customisable in both fabrics and colours selection. We offer it half in lycra monochrome and the other half in laminated fabric but selecting "First colour" you can change the main colour (black in picture) while with "Second colour" you can change the laminated part

Skinny fit Unitard in lace

Price €39.39 + IVA
skinny fit unitard that seems trimmed on one side, thanks to the naked colour elastic lace. Designed for 3/4 in lycra and 1/4 in elastic lace. One side will be sleeveless while the other long sleeve. Great for many contexts solo, group, modern and contemporary dance. "Fabric colour" to select the main monochrome "Second colour" for the lace

two pieces Fitness and Zumba dance

Price €36.31 + IVA
Sporty outfit great for fitness,zumba and all the aerobic dances. The top has a vest cut with olympionic cut on the back. Long leggings down to the ankles with a band of lycra grip for a more sporty touch. "Fabric colour" to change the part in opaque lycra on the body. The opaque lycra will remain black unless differently requeried.

dancesport unitard

Price €36.71 + IVA
Adherent unitard with a sporty touch due to the overlapping of lycra and net around the knees. Great for modern and contemporary dance. The top is sleeveless and has long lengs down to the annkles with a practical teardrop fastening. Available in other fabrics from our catalogue, it looks particularly well with the CERGA fabric. Click here to check another unitard made with the same fabric

skinny fit unitard ideal for recitals

Price €57.70 + IVA
Adherent unitrad great for recitals. Made of net and Lycra with the same silver scratch decoration, makes it a very appreciated clothing piece for both modern and contemporary dance. Designed with a sleeveless top in net that goes down to the ankles interrupted by the top and the coulotte in lycra fabric. Available in all the sizes and fabrics present in our catalogue

Unitard and dance leotard

Price €24.59 + IVA
Perfect mix between a leotard and a unitard, designed for adult dancers. Comes with short sleeves in net ending in either lycra or cotton, the short leg cut and high neck with clip fastening.The top part is made of elastic net, the back is mostly undercovered with opaque fabric and net on the sides.

Aerial dance unitard

Price €32.73 + IVA
Academic unitard designed for the aerial dance, customisable in two colours. Sectioned to make it ideal for both classes and uniforms with classic colours or with brighter tones for exhibitions. Colours selection : Primary is the larger piece of fabric Secondary is the smaller one (the top in this case) "FAbric colour" to change the top of the unitard "Second colour" to change the bottom part

Training Unitard

Price €30.74 + IVA
Great for trainings, this unitard is available in both lycra or cotton in over 40 colours. Slighlty wider on the legs, the belt let you adjust the fitting of the unitard depending on your needs. "Fabric colour" to change the colour of the unitard "Second colour" to change the belt

Half-calves Unitard

Price €35.86 + IVA
Unitard with a 3/4 leg lenght, great base for customizations depending on the context. "Fabric colour" let you choose the right part of the unitard (Black in picture) "Second colour" to select the left part of the unitard (naked colour in picture)

Butterfly Unitard

Price €56.35 + IVA
Unitard from our collection Glamour, is mostly made of lycra although the fabric can be changed upon request. On the back the design of the net resemble a pair of wings. Also the net details can be changed with lace or laminated fabric to highlight the wings

Unitard with patterned top

Price €35.35 + IVA
Academic unitard with patterned top. A modern look with the comfort of the large olympionic necline. The insert on the bodice can be changed, just get in touch with us and one of our team member will be more than happy to help you. "Fabric colour" to change the top part of the unitard "second colour" the bottom part

Unitard with velvet

Price €34.74 + IVA
Academic unitard with typical cleaveage with crossing straps on the shoulders and top in velvet. The other parts are in lycra matching the colour of the velevet. To pick the right colour please get in touch with us as the velvet comes in so many variants that we often have different availability.

modern dance unitard

Price €37.81 + IVA
Modern dance unitard with a very eccentric cleaveage, bicolour top and adherent fit. Comfortable but with a modern twist, this unitard is great for many other disciplines. Very deep back cleaveage and the front with a cut underneath the chest to separate the follow the lines of the body and separate the central panels of the bodice. "Fabric colour" to change the top part of the bodice (pink in the picture) "Second colour" to change the lower part (bordeaux in picture).

Academic Unitard women

Price €37.81 + IVA
Academic dance unitard great for any discipline with a quite adherent fit. The cleaveage is heart shaped held by a naked colour net insert. The same insert is found on the very deep back cleaveage . Choosing different colours for both the inserts and the main colour, will give you the chance to customise and completely twist the look of this beautiful piece of clothing

Unitard with lace inserts

Price €43.03 + IVA
Dance unitard with elastic lace. Long sleeves in broqued fabric gives this piece of clothing grace and elegance. Great for many disciplines like modern, contemporary and skating dances. "Fabric colour" to change the colour for the parts in Lycra (black in the picture) "Second colour" to change sleeves and shoulders.

Contemporary dance unitard

Price €45.60 + IVA
Academic unitard ideal for contemporary dance exhibitions made of alterned transparent and non transparet fabrics. the flared trousers are made in chiffon. The design makes the dress ideal for many contex whethere a more delicate or decise movement is required. "Fabric colour" to change the part in non transparent fabrics "Second colour" to change the chiffon insert for the legs

Customisable Unitard

Price €50.11 + IVA
Dance unitard highly customisable. The articulate overlayed panels let you completely change the look of this great dance piece. All the customisations have to be discussed with us directly due to the differences in elasticity for the different fabrics. . In the pictures you can see the scheme with the panels that can be changed in both fabrics and colours. 10 inserts can be customised, 4 parts on the front and 4 on the back. Please note the price may vary depending on the fabrics required please contact us

Crewneck unitard

Price €33.81 + IVA
Crewneck unitard with short sleeves. Simple design and easy to wear. This unitard provides great stability and great breathability thanks to the inserts in micro-net. The colour of the elastic net can be changed to differ from the main lycra colour "Second colour. "Fabric colour" will let you change the colour of the base in lycra or cotton

Slim fit Unitard

Price €30.64 + IVA
Academic unitard with a slim fit, sleeveless top and long bottom, great for warming up. The simplicity of this costume makes it one of the most versatile in our catalogue. Comfortable and durable, is available in all the patterned fabrics available.

Sleeveless Unitard

Price €31.67 + IVA
Full Academic Unitard, the design has a sleeveless top but it can be easily made with sleeves. Great for Modern Dance, Contermporary dance and Jazz. Used for both studio lessons and exhibitions, this uniform is comfortable and durable. Can be made with patterned fabrics (have a look at our catalogue) or personalised with numerous inserts. The customisations, especially on this uniform, are a lot so feel free to get in touch with us to ask what are the options

Unitard with Zip

Price €35.76 + IVA
Full body Academic unitard covers most of the body surfaces (including the neck). The fastening Zip on the back makes it easy to wear and it can be personalized with any printed fabric. Upon request can be also manufactured with a hood to also cover the head


Academic unitards are very often used for both regular classes and exhibitions especially in modern dance. The one specifically made for Contemporary Dance tend to be slightly more “flashy” with very showy patterns, few layers or insertions compared to the regular Academic unitards for modern dance, that are more Basic, perfect to focus on the shapes and movement of the dance itself.

In this section you will find our selection of Academic unitards. All the articles, as usual, can be personalized with a big selection of colours and textures. The ones you see in the pictures are just few of the examples of what we can create!


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