You can sign up here or by clicking on Sign up Registrazione Clienti on our homepage and after filling up all the required fields (Name, Phone, Email, School Address etc) your account will be upgraded and you will have access to exclusive prices.

Teachers and Artistic Directors desire three things : great quality, affordable prices and the chance to customize.

Alongside with the quality we also like to be very clear with our customers and during the busier times of the year we may not be able to fulfill your order within reasonable times. Hence we may get to you with a :”Sorry we can't take the order” but we rather lose a “sale” than upset a customer that trusted us.

Customise: to satisfy the needs of teachers and Directors we always recommend to get in touch directly with us. With a quick call or exchange of messages we can find the solution for things that may sound impossible in terms of customisation from the right selection of the fabrics to the colours to create the right piece of clothing. More info
Quality: We pick the best available products with the greatest value for the mone possible. We put a lot of attention to the actual fit of the clothes, the details and the non-toxicity of the fabrics used.The costumes are all presented with real pictures, most of the times our models will be wearing them to five as much realism as possible.Finally we aim to source products that are going to be available on the long term which is not always as easy as it sounds. We currently have 28 colours of lycra fabric that are staying on our catalogue for the time beings.
Price: Thanks to our tailor shop asset we can produce at great pace with reasonable costs saving on useless facy packages. A bigger production translates in saving a lot of time and product and this sort of saving is automatically given to our customers to ensure even better prices

Also the delegates from the dance school will be able to have access to our special prices
You can sign up to see the prices and buy the models available on our catalogue, changing colours and sizes.

Although we alway recommend you to contact us first, especially if it's your first order, to make sure you picked the right fabric and colour! Just drop us a message on WhatsApp or ring us!