Kids Leotards

Below you will see all the leotards for kids made in our tailor shop with the best quality Lycra and Cotton fabrics. In monochrome great for dance classes or in laminated patterns and many more patterns available in our catalogue, great for exhibitions and recitals.

Across our large catalogue the leotards for kids are probably one of the most appreciated product due to extra attention that we put in the selection of the fabrics, the great comfort provided, the high neckline, the perfect fit, stability and look, resistant and durable the daily washing won't be a problem.

Finally the design supports the body of the young dancers to enhance the movements without compromising the breathability of the fabric. Most of our models come with a short skirt but they are differentiate by the other details like : the different neckline cuts boat, vest, short sleeves and the other minor but important additions like belts, ribbons, laces, rouches and more.

For the slightly older dancers we generally recommend a uniform without a skirt with particular attention to the neckline and the leg cut and upon request we can also provide uniform with long sleeves. A design easy to wear that also provides stability also allows us to contain the costs of production. All these models are designed specifically for kids but upon request can be made in bigger sizes.

They can be customised with different colours, fabrics or with non structural changes to the models like lateral stitchings to slim the figure, a waist band or belt (helpful to control the posture). Fabric Selection. We consider the Lycra a great material as the quality we use can be compared to the cotton in terms of breathability but is clearly superior in terms of durability and resistance to the wash, it also keeps the colours bright on the long run.

In terms of availability we can provide much more continuity to the Lycra fabrics year after year. For our leotards we are happy to offer the option to order them in cotton and Lycra but you will also be able to select different customisations with fabrics, colours and inserts.

There are 79 products.

There are 79 products.

High Neck Modern Dance Leotard

€30.50 (tax excl.)
Half-sleeved dance leotard with deep neckline on the back and mesh inserts, similar to the BJ100 but with the classic leotard cut. Depending on...

Dance Leotard with Adjustable Neckline

€22.94 (tax excl.)
Half-sleeved dance leotard with front adjustment that allows you to curl the neckline at will. The deep neckline on the back gives further...

Two-tone leotard with band

€22.33 (tax excl.)
Two-tone body with underbust band customizable in over 40 colors between lycra and cotton. Round neckline and short sleeves. Suitable for girls...

Dance leotard for baby with curl

€21.23 (tax excl.)
Camisole dance leotard with curl on the V-neck on the front and rounded on the back. A style for professional dancers also suitable for little...

customisable print Leotard with shorts

€27.82 (tax excl.)
Leotard with shorts, designed in two sections, the top has a high neck, sleeveless and tear drop fastening on the back. You can customise the...

Net sleeves leotard with print

€40.26 (tax excl.)
Leotard with long sleeves similar to the BJ154 model but with net inserts on both sleeves and shoulder. Great for many disciplines including...

Leotarard with print

€40.26 (tax excl.)
Leotard ideal for ballet, contemporary dance and skating dance. The design has a long sleeve and high neck with fastening with a clip on the back...

Ballet leotard with print

€33.55 (tax excl.)
Dance leotard made with printed fabric. Please discuss with us what would you like to see printed on your leotards and let us support you through...

Pailleted Leotard with skirt

€35.38 (tax excl.)
Leotard enriched with a dense network of paillettes on rigid tulle skirt. The vast choice of colours between the lycra and the paillettes on the...

Customisable leotard kids

€30.50 (tax excl.)
Dance leotard in printed fabric for kids. The design is simple to bring more attention to the pattern that you require on this leotard. Contact us...

Ballet Leotard with ruffles

€30.75 (tax excl.)
Ballet leotard made with a round neckline and sleeveless, decorated with gracious rouches. The inserts on the back and on the cleaveage are made...

leotard with glittered sleeves

€30.99 (tax excl.)
Long sleeves leotard in monochrome with one sleeve is in glittered net fabric, great for exhbitions and solos acts in contemporary and moder dance....