All the accessories both for academy and show : from the usual socks, stocks, hair decorations, crowns, tiaras. Joydanza selected the best partners to provide its costumers great products at a great price.

There are 47 products.

There are 47 products.

Pailleted Leotard with skirt

€35.38 (tax excl.)
Leotard enriched with a dense network of paillettes on rigid tulle skirt. The vast choice of colours between the lycra and the paillettes on the...

Elastic net mini-skirt

€20.56 (tax excl.)
Short skirt in elastic net, with a particular design it's pointy on the front and rounded on the back, the hips remain shorter. Made of...

Customisable scrunchie

€5.53 (tax excl.)
Customisable scrunchie to match the customisable leotard offered in our catalogue. Minimum quantity is 50 pieces or if bought together with one of...

Csutomisable headband

€8.05 (tax excl.)
Customisable headband to match the customisable leotard offered in our catalogue. Available in all sizes. Minimum quantity is 50 pieces or if...

Dance socks

€6.21 (tax excl.)
Dace socks made in microfiber. Great for Rad and modern dance, the naked colour variant is available for delivery

leggings Pridance

€9.67 (tax excl.)
Pridance leggings in polyamide and lycra. Practical,comfortable and affordable, great for training also due to the layer that protects from the...

elastic net skirt

€18.06 (tax excl.)
skirt in semitransparent elastic net built on a practical elastic band for an easy fit

Contemporary dance skirt

€46.24 (tax excl.)
Contemporary dance skirt built on a slip and with an elastic waistband to provide great stability. "Skirt colour" to change the panels in brown...

double layered skirt

€29.28 (tax excl.)
Double layer skirt, can be worn with the frontal opening for a classic touch or on the side for a more modern accent. Due to the particular design...


€22.20 (tax excl.)
The shawl, worn on top of the leotard, is great on the warming up phase. Designed to be quickly removed hence doens't present any fastening. Great...

Convertible tights 40 Den

€8.69 (tax excl.)
Convertible dance tights in microfiber 40Den. Guaranteed durability and confort. The waistband is designed to provide great adherence.Available in...

Convertible tights Gaia

€7.32 (tax excl.)
Convertible dance tights in luxury microfiber 60Den. Great value due to the resistange, support and extra comfort they provide. Available in pink...
Academic Accessories
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