Professional Tutus

By definition the professional ones are the ones made with 8 layers on the skirt and a circumference of 35/40 cm. The semi professional ones are in between the basic ones and the professional ones. Compared to the basic ones, the semi professionals present a Longer corolla, more decorations and more layers on the skirt (often hard tulle). The professional, present a more detailed manufacture like the layers are stitched, making the tulle move in a more elegant way as the Ballerina dances.

The circumference of the corolla will be personalized according to the height of the Ballerina to make sure the product is perfectly fitting the dancer.

This is why we picked the length based on the size but if there's a particular length needed, please let us know before you order it!

There are 29 products.

There are 29 products.

Degas Tutu with fading

€106.48 (tax excl.)
Degas tutu with a 6 layers skirt made of alternate tulle to give it a fading effect. Traditional structure with long skirt ideal for Ballet, the...


€93.94 (tax excl.)
Professional mode of tutu with leotard with straps, V insert edged by golden paillettes up to the neckline. The plate of the corolla is in rigid...

Pink and black tutu

€69.54 (tax excl.)
Extremely detailed tutu. Top in elastic net with edges, central band in lycra with paillettes. A lower waistband close to the skirt ends on the...

Professional tutu

€80.03 (tax excl.)
PRofessiona tutu with great attention to all the details and also available in a cheaper variant (ask us if you want more info). The zig zag cut...


€78.08 (tax excl.)
Ballet tutu rich of details, the over skirt is decorated and cut as two half moon edged with paillettes. The bodice is customisable in over 60...

Royal Tutu

€116.38 (tax excl.)
Ballet tutu with a royal touch. Great for main roles, has a professional structure with a rigid tulle and bodice with V insert, not ideal for the...

"Chef" tutu

€65.02 (tax excl.)
Tutu designed (upon specific request from one of our customers) to represent a Chef. Changing the fabrics and the colours you can really create...

Tutu with ribbons and laces

€64.66 (tax excl.)
Precious tutu great for allges. Full of ribbons and laces, graceful in all the colours. Large sleeves can be tightened up with the ribbons to make...

Flag Tutu

€170.58 (tax excl.)
This model in particular was designed to represent the France flag but can easily changed with different colours. Ribbons going around the bodice...

"pierrot" tutu

€99.37 (tax excl.)
Very elaborate tutu, the body vertically split by bottons in contrast to highlight the 3 areas that can be customised in colours. The lace edges...

"colombina" tutu

€63.44 (tax excl.)
precious tutu with great attention to the details, in this variant great to portray little doves but changing colours can be used for many...

"gondolier" tutu

€63.44 (tax excl.)
The tutu gondolier is just an adjustment to our classic American Tutu. Thanks to the right selection of colours we created a unique version of...