Dance Leotards

The catalogue includes many classic models with straps and evergreen designs with or without skirt. The variety of the products is very vast and goes from the more fashion designs like the ones in lace, baroque fabrics and net inserts to the one with a more refined design. Clearly the first will be cheaper due to the speed of production (without loosing in quality of the materials and manufacture).

All our leotards can be customised in colour, fabrics and inserts, we can also add side stitchings, curls on the neckline and more just get in touch with us to find out more about the hundreds of customisations available

There are 130 products.

There are 130 products.

High Neck Modern Dance Leotard

€30.50 (tax excl.)
Half-sleeved dance leotard with deep neckline on the back and mesh inserts, similar to the BJ100 but with the classic leotard cut. Depending on...

Leotard with Mesh Inserts and Belen

€46.36 (tax excl.)
High neck dance body, embellished with mesh inserts and flocked fabric. The play of solid black, mesh and flocked colors make it suitable also for...

Dance Leotard with Adjustable Neckline

€22.94 (tax excl.)
Half-sleeved dance leotard with front adjustment that allows you to curl the neckline at will. The deep neckline on the back gives further...

Nude Contemporary Dance Leotard

€36.60 (tax excl.)
Dance leotard particularly suitable for contemporary dance. with American neckline and patterned mesh insert on the back. Sleeveless. Designed...

Three Quarter Sleeves Lace Leotard

€28.18 (tax excl.)
Dance leotard with lace inserts and three-quarter sleeves. The deep back neckline gives sensuality with the transparency of the lace.

Bright Silver Leotard

€24.28 (tax excl.)
Dance Leotard with shiny laminate top and American neckline. The pointed stitching, between laminate and opaque lycra (or cotton), streamlines and...

Leotard with Lace Neckline

€24.89 (tax excl.)
Dance leotard for adult dancers. Wide opening on the back useful for checking the posture of the shoulder blades, lace inserts on the front and...

Contemporary Dance Leotard

€25.86 (tax excl.)
Leotard for contemporary dance, asymmetrical with long sleeves. One sleeve is made of laminated mesh available in 3 color variants plus a...

Two-tone leotard with band

€22.33 (tax excl.)
Two-tone body with underbust band customizable in over 40 colors between lycra and cotton. Round neckline and short sleeves. Suitable for girls...

Dance leotard for baby with curl

€21.23 (tax excl.)
Camisole dance leotard with curl on the V-neck on the front and rounded on the back. A style for professional dancers also suitable for little...

customisable print Leotard with shorts

€27.82 (tax excl.)
Leotard with shorts, designed in two sections, the top has a high neck, sleeveless and tear drop fastening on the back. You can customise the...

Leotard with net inserts and sequin

€28.43 (tax excl.)
Leotard made of lycra and elastic net with soft asymmetrical lines. One sleeve in lycra with paillettes for a very original touch great for...