Skirts leggings & top

In this section we put together all the most recent articles in our catalogue: Skirts, leggings, flared pants, top, culottes, shawls and multi pieces outfits.

The use varies from classes to exhibitions or plays. Often these articles are purchased for kids exhibitions like for a Christmas play or the end of the year recitals.

Skirts and short skirts can be stitched to any leotard or can be manufactured with a band to be easily removable when needed. From the models in this section you can change colours and fabrics (Chiffon, simple veil, opaque lycra or patterned lycra).

Each skirt can be made with a band attachment in different sizes or with a simple band that can be knotted to adjust the size.

Finally here you will also find the uniforms for the teachers to provide added authority during the classes. All the items in this section can be customised so please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to support you.

There are 54 products.

There are 54 products.

Glitter Mesh Top & Leggings - Dancewear

€63.80 (tax excl.)
Patterned mesh top and leggings with LYCRA inserts. It lends itself to modern and contemporary dance performances for electric or infernal...

Top and Leggings with inserts

€44.54 (tax excl.)
Modern dance outfit consisting of top and leggings with contrasting inserts. "Fabric Color" customize the part in nude color photo "Second...

Leggings with Inserts

€32.50 (tax excl.)
Modern dance leggings with a particular design inserted in two colors of your choice to customize it according to your tastes or the club colors....

Modern Dance Essay Costume

€50.55 (tax excl.)
Top and shorts set for modern and contemporary dance, consisting of a long-sleeved top with mesh insert and zip closure. In the photo the dancer...

Leggings with laminated inserts

€35.55 (tax excl.)
Leggings with laminated inserts distributed across the waist band and the horizonatl bands between the knees and the ankles. "Fabric colour" to...

Two pieces top and leggings with inserts

€48.18 (tax excl.)
Two piece outfit made of a top with insert around the cleaveage, leggings with inserts on the leg and ankles in elastic net. The net is only...

Two pieces modern dance customisable print

€41.28 (tax excl.)
Two pieces modern dance outfit. The top can be customised with your own print and it comes with long sleeves, tear drop fastening on the neck of a...

Two pieces modern dance Top/Coulotte

€31.74 (tax excl.)
Two pieces modern dance outfit. Comfortable with style, can be made in 31 different colours. To change fabric and colours please contact us...

Training Unitard

€55.06 (tax excl.)
The most versatile unitard from our catalogue. Great for both studio or training outdoor but also as uniform for modern jazz dance or a modern...

Two pieces modern dance

€44.99 (tax excl.)
Academic two pieces outfit with a top slightly longer than usual with long sleeves and leggings adjustable on the waist. available in over 40...

Elastic net mini-skirt

€20.56 (tax excl.)
Short skirt in elastic net, with a particular design it's pointy on the front and rounded on the back, the hips remain shorter. Made of...


€28.98 (tax excl.)
Leggings made in lycra or cotton, great for trainings or modern dance plays. The fabric we select are the best available on the market and are...