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Training Unitard

Price €39.69 + IVA
The most versatile unitard from our catalogue. Great for both studio or training outdoor but also as uniform for modern jazz dance or a modern dance exhibtion. The top comes with crossin straps on the front that goes around the neck, a frontal insert to match the colour of the back band. The leggings are high waist to guarantee the best adherence and stability. "fabric colour to change the top of the unitard "Second colour" the bottom part

Two pieces modern dance

Price €35.71 + IVA
Academic two pieces outfit with a top slightly longer than usual with long sleeves and leggings adjustable on the waist. available in over 40 colours or upon request with over 100 patterned fabrics. The top and the leggings can be ordered in different colours. "Fabric colour" to pick the top of the outfit "Second colour" for the bottom part

two pieces Fitness and Zumba dance

Price €36.31 + IVA
Sporty outfit great for fitness,zumba and all the aerobic dances. The top has a vest cut with olympionic cut on the back. Long leggings down to the ankles with a band of lycra grip for a more sporty touch. "Fabric colour" to change the part in opaque lycra on the body. The opaque lycra will remain black unless differently requeried.

double layered skirt

Price €21.89 + IVA
Double layer skirt, can be worn with the frontal opening for a classic touch or on the side for a more modern accent. Due to the particular design in brilliant for both studio and exhibitions. "Skirt colour" will let you customise the top layer (flower in picture) "Second colour" to change the one below


Price €12.60 + IVA
The shawl, worn on top of the leotard, is great on the warming up phase. Designed to be quickly removed hence doens't present any fastening. Great for both students and teachers during the winter months. The leotard in picture is not included in the price

Classic chiffon skirt

Price €16.80 + IVA
Full skirt in chiffon with a classic short design and edging slightly asimmetrican from the front to the back, built on an elastic bodice for a very easy fitting. Verasstile and great for both modern dance and ballet. Can be made of chiffon, net, cotton and lycra

Ballet chiffon skirt

Price €14.86 + IVA
Half circle chiffon skirt with fastening in satin for great fitting around the waist. Upon request can be stitched on the dresses present in our catalogue. Mostly requested in chiffon, through the drop down window you can select the alternative Net, cotton or lycra

Rad Skirt

Price €29.61 + IVA
Full skirt "Rad", with wide layered elastic band on the waist for added stability, in lycra or bielastic cotton. Comes with 3 satin ribbons in customisable colours (adding them in the details note). The skirt can also be made in less expensive fabrics just get in touch with us for more info

Dance skirt

Price €13.32 + IVA
Dance skirt with a wrap cut and adjustable fastening with ribbons of the same fabric as the skirt (Veil,chiffon or lycra). The cut remains straight and the lenght depends on the size. In picture the most common skirt produced in chiffon. Use the dropdown box to pick the right fabric for you

Ballet skirt

Price €13.32 + IVA
Classic ballet skirt adjustable around the waist thanks to the slim ribbon, great accessory to attach to any leotard without a skirt . the skirt in the picture has a more roundish cut compared to the model JA05. using the drop down box you can pick the fabric for the skirt generally made in chiffon but also available in net, cotton and lycra. 1 and 2 -- 37CM 4 and 5 -- 38CM 5 and 6 -- 39CM

Dance skirt

Price €13.32 + IVA
Dance skirt with elastic band, easy to wear it fits nicely and doesn't require extra fastening thanks to the elasticity and resistence of the lycra. Generally recommended for the younger dancers as it doesn't require much work to wear, its available in chiffon, net, cotton and lycra

Academic Dress

Price €35.86 + IVA
Academic dress great for both teachers and students of Modern Dance. Available in Lycra, cotton or patterned fabrics. The bottoms have a slim fit down to the ankles while the sleevels are relaxed. The waist can be adjusted thanks to the string. The number of possible combinations make the creation of your uniform unique.

Full skirt

Price €21.89 + IVA
Full skirt in fabric, designed for Modern dance but great for many other contexts. Build around the waistband it's easy to put on and off. In this section you can buy the full skirt by itself . If you also want to purchase the top click on "Top Dance, Gimnastics and Fitness" SIZE-SKIRT LENGHT click on + to see the dimensions of the skirt.

Two Pieces Top and Flared Pants

Price €40.27 + IVA
Outfit made of Top and flared pants that can be purchased separately. The pants can be personalized in both material (lycra or cotton) and waist heights. "Fabric colour" to select the colour of the top "Second colour" to change the edgings of the top "Thrid colour" to select the colour for the pants.

Top Voilant and Slit skirt

Price €32.58 + IVA
Outfit made of Top with Voilant and Slit skirt. they can be purchased separately or in combination with other articles in our catalogue. Ideal for both exhibitions and classes. "Fabric Colour" to change the colour of the top "Second colour" to change the blounces of the top "Third colour" for the skirt

Skirts leggings & top

In this section we put together all the most recent articles in our catalogue: Skirts, leggings, flared pants, top, culottes, shawls and multi pieces outfits.

The use varies from classes to exhibitions or plays. Often these articles are purchased for kids exhibitions like for a Christmas play or the end of the year recitals.

Skirts and short skirts can be stitched to any leotard or can be manufactured with a band to be easily removable when needed. From the models in this section you can change colours and fabrics (Chiffon, simple veil, opaque lycra or patterned lycra).

Each skirt can be made with a band attachment in different sizes or with a simple band that can be knotted to adjust the size.

Finally here you will also find the uniforms for the teachers to provide added authority during the classes. All the items in this section can be customised so please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to support you.

Skirts leggings top -

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