Leotard with skirt

All the leotards with skirt from our catalogue. We can change the kind of skirt on all the articles in this category or we can add it to a model that doesn't normally comes with a skirt. Have you got something in mind and you can't find it? Just get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you

There are 27 products.

There are 27 products.

Leotard with floreal skirt

€35.38 (tax excl.)
Leotard with decorated skirt, it comes with a V insert made of net fabric and a half skirt with flowers on a pink background. The fabric for the...

Leotard with waistband

€29.40 (tax excl.)
Kids Leotard with waistband, ribbon and skirt slightly overlapping. The skirt in chiffon, the waistabnd and the ribbon will match the colour of...

Short sleeves leotard

€36.48 (tax excl.)
Short sleeves leotard curled on the cleaveage and skirt made of the same fabric as the bodice

Two pieces Leotard and skirt

€31.60 (tax excl.)
Full skirt leotard ideal for classes but adaptable for exhibitions too. Slim straps crossing on the back.

Leotard Opaque skirt

€27.45 (tax excl.)
Created as kids leotard is also great for teenagers. The skirt can be manufactured in a different colour. For more info please get in touch

Leotard pleated skirt

€29.04 (tax excl.)
Dance leotard for kids with pleated short skirt in matching colour. Comfortable and graceful at the same time

Ballet Leotard with skirt

€25.50 (tax excl.)
Carefully designed for all the ages with a skirt in chiffon for a higher durability.

Leotard with skirt

€34.77 (tax excl.)
Shirtless leotard with removable skirt in chiffon. Great for all the classes in the school, the colours can be changed to fit the different...

Leotard with short skirt kids

€26.47 (tax excl.)
Ballet Leotard with skirt in semi transparent veil, great for kids can be manufatured for adults as well. Great comfort and stability, is also...

Colourful Leotard

€28.79 (tax excl.)
The colourful leotards are generally ideal for the younger dancers, the model BJ52 is made of a vest with skirt in the same fabric and contrasting...

Multicolor Leotard

€33.92 (tax excl.)
Very colourful leotard great for both ballet and modern dance, the top will match the colour of the skirt unless required differently. available...

Leotard with skirt kids

€25.13 (tax excl.)
Classic leotard with a very high neckline, ideal for kids, can also suit adult dancers. Around the waist stitched a skirt in chiffon. One of the...