Latin and Carribean

This section is dedicated to what is usually used for Latin and Caribbean Dances or dances like : Salsa, Merengue, Charleston, flamenco, samba, rumba, cha cha cha, to name a few. Very long or short skirts, fringes and voilant characterize most of the outfit in this part of the catalogue.

There are 13 products.

There are 13 products.

Charleston costume

€68.32 (tax excl.)
Dress for Charleston dances with shiny laminated fabric and fringes

Charleston dress

€92.48 (tax excl.)
Shead dress fully fringed ideal for Charleston dances

Dance Dress

€106.61 (tax excl.)
Dance dress made of Leotard skirt flaerd with a vertical veil insert. Great for repertorie dances .

LAtin American DAnce Dress

€99.51 (tax excl.)
Latin American dress made of top and skirt with fringes,pallettes and laminate. Typical look of all the Caraibic dance outfits

Two Piece Caraibic

€120.82 (tax excl.)
joyful Caraibic two pieces with top and shorts enriched with sequin and fringes

Fringed Dress

€137.89 (tax excl.)
Dress fully covered in fringes, great for many plays and Caraibic dances. Neck fastening and edged with silver sequin around the neckline. Great...

Flamenco Dress

€151.20 (tax excl.)
Flamenco dress with the traditional long sleeves top and voilants at the wrists. round neckline with a long flounce. Flounced skirt and ribbons in...

Spanish inspired dress

€79.79 (tax excl.)
Dress ideal for musicals and spanish inspired plays. The colours can be personalized upon request.

Latin American Dance Dress

€106.61 (tax excl.)
Unitard great for Latin american dances, fastening behind the neck and flared calf lenght trousers

Large skirt Leotard

€206.13 (tax excl.)
Caraibic dance outfit with leotard and large skirt. The two pieces can be purchased separately.