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Low-cut Mesh Jumpsuit

Price €51.73 + IVA
One of our favorite academic suits, suitable for many contexts, such as aerial dance and modern and contemporary dance. The neckline, the vertical front insert at the center of the bust and all the other mesh parts make this dance suit suitable for choreographies where looking for sensuality.

Modern Dance Essay Costume

Price €41.78 + IVA
Top and shorts set for modern and contemporary dance, consisting of a long-sleeved top with mesh insert and zip closure. In the photo the dancer is wearing it with a zip on the back. It also lends itself to street dance contexts simply by wearing the top on the contrary with front zip.

Modern Dance Suit Flash

Price €46.76 + IVA
Academic suit for modern, contemporary and aerial dance, one leg and one shoulder with an insert on the bust that creates a curvilinear continuity of colors that lends itself to choreography with fabrics or soft and sinuous."Fabric Color" varies the black color part"Second Color" customizes the nude color part

Painting dance suit

Price €41.78 + IVA
Academic suit designed for classical and modern dance performances. The white photo part can be replaced with other fabrics to provide a more modern or contemporary character or to represent paintings. Fabric variations change the cost, to be estimated with our staff. "Fabric color" customizes the black part "Second Color" changes the part to white

Kill Bill Dance Suit

Price €44.77 + IVA
Two-tone dance suit that divides the suit into two faces: front and back. The choice of colors is often aimed at "camouflaging" the dancers, choosing one of the colors as the background of the stage or to represent Kill Bill type shows by customizing the color in yellow. "Fabric color" customizes the black part "Second Color" changes the part to white

Two-Tone Dance Suit

Price €43.77 + IVA
Long-sleeved academic suit that features an original back neckline. For the studio, it is best suited by personalizing different shades of the same colour, a choice of colors in stark contrast or using other fabrics to leave room for show contexts. "Fabric Color" customizes the upper part, in light blue photo "Second Color" customizes the lower part, in dark blue photo

Show Dance Suit

Price €43.77 + IVA
This model of academic suit has been designed almost completely in semi-transparent micromesh with silver glitter graffiti to make it a one-of-a-kind dance performance suit. The culotte and breast band are the only opaque parts, the rest is a game between the fantasy of the net and the skin. Fit guaranteed by JoyDanza quality.

Glitter Net Jumpsuit

Price €51.73 + IVA
Academic overalls with lycra top and culottes in contrast with the fine micromesh, with glitter designs in silver or in other variants of your choice. One sleeve in lycra and one in mesh give a touch of originality to this costume which is one of the most popular for solo and group modern and contemporary dance performances.

Flocked Shoulder Dance Suit

Price €45.19 + IVA
Academic suit for classical and modern dance with sleeves in patterned fabric which, due to an optical effect, given by the flesh-colored mesh inserts, seem detached from the rest of the suit. Modified replica of the JM48, which in cases with a very thin chest could come off badly. Risk solved with this dance suit model.

Modern Contemporary Dance Suit

Price €49.74 + IVA
Academic overalls with colored inserts and flocked fabric insert on the bust. The back neckline featuring a keyhole closure has a cut out on the side which makes it more eye-catching. The flocked insert on the breast gives it a modern, contemporary touch. Fabric Color customize the black lycra part in the photo Second Color defines the color of the flock Third Color varies the net

Leggings with Inserts

Price €26.86 + IVA
Modern dance leggings with a particular design inserted in two colors of your choice to customize it according to your tastes or the club colors. "Fabric Color" defines the predominant part in the black lycra photo."Second Color" selects the color of the nude lycra photo inserts.

Glitter Mesh Top & Leggings - Dancewear

Price €52.73 + IVA
Patterned mesh top and leggings with LYCRA inserts. It lends itself to modern and contemporary dance performances for electric or infernal characters.With our staff it is possible to customize the model also in other fabrics to give it a totally different character from the one in the catalog photo. "Fabric Color" customizes the lycra part"Second Color" varies the glitter mesh part

Skating Dress

Price €35.81 + IVA
Dress for skating apparently composed of a solid color lycra joined only by a flap of fabric to the skirt. The asymmetries and games of transparency in the nude network characterize this model. With our staff you can further customize the skating dress, changing fabrics and decorations. "Second Color" customizes the color of the mesh between the underbust and the skirt.

Leotard with Mesh Inserts and Belen

Price €33.72 + IVA
High neck dance body, embellished with mesh inserts and flocked fabric. The play of solid black, mesh and flocked colors make it suitable also for contemporary dance solos. "Fabric Color" customizes the lower part of the body, in the solid black photo"Second Color" customizes the flocked part"Third Color" varies the stretch mesh part

Nude Contemporary Dance Leotard

Price €26.76 + IVA
Dance leotard particularly suitable for contemporary dance. with American neckline and patterned mesh insert on the back. Sleeveless. Designed with a bare flesh base, it can be customized as per the menu on the right. "Fabric Color" customizes the lycra part "Second Color" varies the laminated mesh part

Bright Silver Leotard

Price €26.76 + IVA
Dance Leotard with shiny laminate top and American neckline. The pointed stitching, between laminate and opaque lycra (or cotton), streamlines and slims the figure and makes it particularly appreciated for modern, aerial and in some cases contemporary dance. Fabric Color Select the laminated part of the leotard; According to Color Body varies the elastic mesh part.


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